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About Me

My name is Mariya (pronounced Maa-ree-yah) and I am a Cleveland based photographer specializing in portraits, couples and weddings. I have been doing photography for over 4 years. I have many passions and photography is one of them!

I started photography as a hobby in highschool after getting my first DSLR. I did it all throughout college and learned a lot more. After college, I got serious about photography and took my business to another level.

I went to school for fashion design at Kent State University and I recently started an alterations and sewing business called the Alteration Studio CLE. I love staying busy with my passions!

I’m a proud immigrant who moved here in 2011 for college. I ended up staying and have been here since. Cleveland has become home to me over the last decade. I love traveling to new places but Cleveland will always be home. When I am not working on photography or sewing, you can find me eating at my favorite local restaurants and exploring more of the country.

PS: Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce my name. Most people pronounce it wrong at first. It doesn’t bother me!

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